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Film Add On

Film Option 🎥: LyHighlights personally films the player’s full training session (with Sony A6400),  and sends it to the player to use for multiple purposes.  Players can rewatch all of the detailed instruction of skill work, and study the difference between their reps. This makes it easy to see a player’s development on a daily or weekly basis. Players also use this option to study all the different live reps throughout a Battle group, providing an easy way to see development and improvement in live action.


Highlight Films

LyHighlights builds an impressive personalized 5-6 minute Full Highlight Film from the player’s games, divided up into different categories (if wanted): Scoring, rebounding, playmaking, defense etc. LyHighlights has helped numerous players reach their basketball dreams by providing a top quality highlight film that perfectly showcases each players strengths. All Recruiting Films by LyHighlights: https://www.youtube.com/user/LyHighlights

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Film Add On, Full Highlight Film


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